Open Sourcing “The Screencasting Handbook”

Back in 2010 I released the finished version of my first commercial eBook The Screencasting Handbook. It was 129 pages of distilled knowledge for the budding screencaster, written in part to introduce my (then) screencasting company ProCasts to the world (which I sold years back) and based on experience teaching through ShowMeDo. Today I release the Handbook under a Creative Commons License. After 3 years the content is showing its age (the procedures are good, the software-specific information is well out of date), I moved out of screencasting a while back and have no plans to update this book.

The download link for the open sourced version is at

I’m using the Creative Commons Unported license – it allows anyone to derive a new version and/or make commercial usage without requiring any additional permissions from me, it does require attribution. This is the most open license I can give that still gives me a little bit of value (by way of attribution). The license must not be modified.

If someone would like to derive an updated version (with or without a price tag) you are very welcome to – just remember to attribute back to the original site and to this site with my name please (as noted at the download point). You can not change the license (but if you wanted to make a derived and non-open-source version of the book for commercial use, I’m sure we can come to an arrangement).

Previously I’ve discussed how I wrote the Handbook in an open, collaborative fashion (with monthly chapter releases to the preview audience), this was a good procedure that I’d use again. Other posts discussing the Handbook are under the “screencasting-handbook” tag.

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