Featured in BBC News

We’ve just had StrongSteam featured at the end of this BBC Tech article on foreign tech firms in the UK (noting that we’re a UK firm gone to foreign parts…) by Katia Moskvitch.

I’ll add a touch of context, I’m quoted as saying that I couldn’t raise funding for StrongSteam in the UK. This quote comes from a longer chat with Katia several months back about the state of funding in the UK, previously I’d looked for funding for seed-stage investments in other projects and found a lack of interest. For StrongSteam I hadn’t at that time looked for UK investment but I would expect the situation for a risky, early stage investment to be difficult (well, really very difficult).

In contrast I’ve had interest here in Chile from VCs and Angels and also offers of investment from Silicon Valley. Interestingly it didn’t take much work to get these intros and offers.

In response to the BBC articles I’ve been sent a link to Seedrs by Thomas Davies (Investment Director), they’re a UK based seed investment platform (a bit like Kickstarter-for-seed). They let folk invest in startups and help startups pitch for up to £150,000 seed investment. They’re launching Friday 6th July.

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