£5 App #23 on 2nd Nov, 8pm at The Skiff

Next Tuesday at 8pm at The Skiff we’re holding our 23rd £5 App event. This is our second this year, we’ve been a bit slow. To make up for being slow we’ve given it the title “Things we built this summer“, here’s our fine speaker list:

The evening will run for about 2 1/2 hours, we’ll provide free beer and cake as usual. My Mor Consulting is sponsoring the beer, John‘s fine cooking skills are providing the cake.

Because we’re buying beer and baking cake we need to know if you’re attending! Please sign-up on Lanyrd or Upcoming (and unAttend if you subsequently can’t attend).

I’d be especially happy if you use Lanyrd (you just need to tweet ‘@lanyrd attending #fivepoundapp’ for that to happen automatically) as I’ll be collecting that data for Emily‘s Social Ties talk.

As usual we’ll drift to the pub after the event. If you want to meet a bright selection of get-off-of-bottom-and-do-interesting-things people then you should attend next Tuesday.

Whitenight Festival

If you’re attending the Whitenight festival this Saturday (you really should if you’re in town) then do check out Shardcore’s Enlightenment Machine and Cats and BuildBrighton’s Light Brigade build-flashing-social-lights hack event.

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