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Two years back I posted an entry listing the science companies I knew around Brighton who are involved in high-tech software (i.e. not science companies who make physical products). The list has changed a bit with some nice additions so I’ve updated it below.  If you know of one that I’m missing do send me an update. I’m interested because I’m an A.I. researcher for industry by trade.

  • PANalytical at SInC (one of my current employers for interesting A.I. work – I work on CUDA for parallelisation and pattern recognition and optimisation for solution finding, Prof. Paul Fewster is the head of the R&D team)
  • Qtara (a new employer of mine creating a cutting-edge Intelligent Virtual Human)
  • BrandWatch in the BrightonMediaCentre (a social metrics company using natural language processing)
  • SecondLife in the North Laines (this office is a big part of their European presence)
  • Ambiental at SInC (great flood-risk simulations and modelling, I help them with speeding up and improving the science behind their flood models, Justin Butler is the founder)
  • Proneta at SInC (very small company, John Hother sometimes has A.I. related questions)
  • Observatory Sciences at SInC (Philip Taylor is the main chap here, they use EPICS and LabView)
  • Ricardo in Shoreham (a big engineering consultancy)
  • Elektro Magnetix at SInC
  • NeuroRobotics at SInC
  • MindLab at SInC (they do non-invasive brain monitoring)
  • Animazoo in Shoreham (they build motion-capture suits for dancers and actors)
  • BotBuilder in Brighton (a robot focused design and build company)

Another nice addition to Brighton is the BrightonHackerSpace, a collective of like-minded souls who build new electronic devices and pull things apart to understand how they work. This HackerSpace has spawned BotBuilder (above) and I’m looking forward to seeing a few more created.

A little further away up in London I also know of:

  • Smesh who offer a brand monitoring system similar to BrandWatch
  • CognitiveMatch ‘who match customers to products in real time’
  • Maxeler Technologies in London create parallelised solutions, they appear to specialise in finance and oil modeling

And even further out in Cambridge:

  • EmotionAI create realistic emotion-expressing 3D avatars via the Cambridge Science Park

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  • Don't forget the Galapagos team - we're no longer Codefarm, but we're still in the North Laine! We apply evolutionary algorithms and other optimisation techniques to complex problems in the financial domain. (And we're looking for good Java developers...)