BarCamp and “Screencasting in 7 Minutes with Jing” workshop

Jay, Jon and co. ran another excellent BarCamp Brighton this weekend which followed dConstruct09.  There’s a long, good write-up here.

I’m not entirely sure of the right tag for flickr – it seems that ‘bcb4’ (which I’d thought was official) conflicts with BarCamp Bangalore and BarCamp Boston…ho hum.  Anyhow, here’s one of mine:

My session was a 30 minute workshop on ‘Screencasting in 7 minutes with Jing‘ (now picked up by TechSmith – thanks Betsy!), I signed-up 7 new people to screencasting including freelancers and a Thales employee so I consider that a Win.  The link has a break-down of what was covered, a video of the session and the resulting screencast by Jez via my machine.

In the session I covered the following as examples of how screencasts are used by others:

  • Jay’s Gibraltar Software screencast produced in 3 days with Camtasia on Windows (via my friendly critique)
  • Google Chrome screencasts for examples of 10-20 second feature tours
  • DropBox intro screencast which shows two computers syncing (via a virtual Windows instance) – see the Windows desktop about 1/6th of the way into the video
  • ShowMeDo’s OpenStreetMap videos for open-source tutorials
  • MailChimp’s homepage video as a warning – lots of style (it is quite pretty) but very little informative content!

Musical entertainment was provided by 100 Robots (Jim of SecondLife and Max, Alex was absent so we had Jim loudly on the vocals), the foundation of the Old Music Library shook nicely:

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