RobotBrighton this Thursday – Tony Ellis and Invented Robots and Toys

I’m looking forward to this Thursday evening‘s RobotBrighton night @ The Skiff.  Tony Ellis (AKA ToyMaker), creator of 45 licensed toys and electronic games, will talk on his boot-strapped history (note the £5 App connection to my excitement?) with some details about his latest project.

Amongst other things he’s the creator of the rather cool voice-controlled Daleks:

Whilst the night will be videod and uploaded, some parts will be edited out due to commercial sensitivity so to get the full story you’ll have to attend in person.  Here’s the blurb:

“Tony Ellis (Toymaker) is a maker of Toys and founder of Conceptioneering. As well as being behind some of most popular toys on the market today including Cube World, Tony has been a roboticist for many, many years.

On 25th June he will be coming along to talk about some of the robots that he has built and about AIMEC:3, his current robot that many of you may have seen photos of posted on the website. Tony will talk about some of the features that the robot possesses and about some of the things he has learned in his many years of robotics.

Tony is completely self taught and has spent his life inventing cool toys like Cube World and building robots, including AIMEC:3 a humanoid robot and voice activated Daleks. His latest venture is a commercial robotics company building low cost, highly intelligent, accessible robotics. He is a fascinating guy and really worth coming to listen to. I highly recommend coming along to hear him talk and he may even let us play with a robot or two!”

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