E-UAE Amiga Emulator on Ubuntu 9.04 with Sound and a Blank Floppy Image (.adf)

In all its glory, behold the 880k-wonderfulness of a blank Amiga (.adf) floppy disk image.  Why, you might ask, do I link to this image?  Simple.  Having used the e-uae Amiga emulator on Linux a few times, each time I’ve stumbled with save-games because euae doesn’t provide the ability to format a save-game disk when you don’t have a regular Amiga disk image.  Well, not stumbled – I’ve not saved, gotten fed-up and then moved on.

This time I decided to venture into the unknown…I used an old copy of Workbench 1.3, then copied the workbench .adf image and formatted it (right-click on the disk icon, Initialize).  If you need one for save-games, just download the above copy.

Apparently the default build of UAE uses OSS for sound, since I run using ALSA I wasn’t getting any sound.  The solution is explain here, I had to install aoss and then run:

aoss uae

so now I get full sound – yay!

To get it installed I went via the fabulous morgoth, I tried the suggested:

wget -O - http://morgoth.free.fr/files/morgoth-signkey.gpg.asc | sudo apt-key add -

but it didn’t work so I downloaded morgoth-signkey.gpg.asc and ran

sudo apt-key add morgoth-signkey.gpg.asc

Then I added the following to Synaptic:

deb http://morgoth.free.fr/ubuntu jaunty-backports main

and searched on ‘e-uae’, installed it and the installed version is ‘0.8.29-WIP4-6ubuntu1.1~jaunty~9.04mlk as ‘uae-e’.  Now I can play old Amiga games at my leisure (I recommend Deuteros).  Top tip – for full screen use ‘F12 + s’ (where ‘s’ is the ‘s’ key, not Shift!).

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  • Phil
    I looked everywhere - didn't think to do that.. but seriously, you've saved my sanity. Why why why is there no "make blank disk" button in UAE!? Thank you!
  • Existentia
    dd if=/dev/zero of=mydisk.adf bs=1024 count=880 Change the of name, and you can make blank, unformatted ADFs all day.
  • Alan
    You need to extract the adf file from the zip or elsethe floppy will be write protected in UAE. Thanks for the blank flop!
  • weikai
    this saved me today! started playing Hero Quest and couldn't figure out how to save a game till I remembered I needed to format a blank disk to be a saved game disk. Thanks Heaps!
  • Dreamcaster
    Thank you so much mate!!! Really, I appreciate it! I am playing Wings on EUAE on Ubuntu...and I can't save state or save game on a newly formatted disk. Thank you for sharing this!