OpenOffice Writer tutorials at ShowMeDo

I’ve just finished a new series for OpenOffice users entitled OpenOffice 3.1 Writer for Microsoft Word users.  This series is a part of ShowMeDo’s Club, in 45 minutes I cover 11 topics for the new Writer user aimed at easing their transition across from MS Office:

  1. Series Overview in 4 minutes (OpenOffice 3.1 for Word users)
  2. Installing OpenOffice 3.1 on Windows XP
  3. Working with Word (.doc) files
  4. Working with an OpenDocument Format (.odt) file
  5. Help! Manuals, Forums and Mail lists
  6. Basic Formatting (bold, italic etc)
  7. Exporting to PDF, HTML, MediaWiki
  8. Printing
  9. Word-completion
  10. Find and Replace, Undo
  11. Spell Checker

We have plans to cover more OOo topics, right now I’m looking for feedback.  It feels a bit odd to have one OpenOffice series in amongst all the Python series but we need to start this new tutorial thread somehow!  I created this series whilst wearing my ProCasts screencast production hat.

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