‘A.I. in the Real World’ Lecture at Sussex University

Dr. Blay Whitby was kind enough to invite me to lecture to his 2nd year students for the last lecture in his Artificial Intelligence course, the aim being to give the students a grounding in Artificial Intelligence in the real (as opposed to academic) world.

Topics covered include War Stories from my last 10 years of A.I. industrial work (Mor Consulting, LinkedIn), five Current Big Projects that I know of, four Hard Problems that someone needs to solve and ideas on How To Start Building Your Own Company if you choose to solve one of these.

The 11 page PowerPoint can be clearly seen in the Vimeo video so you probably don’t need these slides.

The lecture is shown below, it runs for 50 minutes.  Please forgive the visuals – if I stepped in front of the projector you’d have just seen a dark silhouette!

A.I. in the Real World Lecture at Sussex Uni. May 2009 from IanProCastsCoUk on Vimeo.

Verbal mistake 1 – I talked about the ‘large fraction of a billion Euros’ of funding – it was probably an order of magnitude smaller than that.

Verbal mistake 2 – I’m not entirely sure of Nick Jakobi’s job title, it certainly did involve Google, Video, Ads and Research but it probably isn’t the title I quoted. Correction – LinkedIn says Nick is a Product Manager at Google with no other detail (and the last time we spoke involved a pub and too much beer!).

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