Archive of month: April 2009

Installing IE6 on to Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 with ies4linux

I’m pleased to say that my earlier post on Installing IE6 on Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10) needs only a minor modification to work with Jaunty 9.04. For Jaunty you just need to replace any references to ‘edgy’ with ‘jaunty’ on the ies4linux Ubuntu install page. The ./ies4linux installer took 15 minutes to complete under VirtualBox (I […]

SlackSpace foray on Saturday, configuring Flickr for location data

I’m joing Matt Weston and co. on Saturday morning (9am @ Brighton Station) for the Slack Space (Guardian, Ivan, BeeKeeper) survey there are probably better ways of doing it than this. Slack Space is all about re-purposing empty buildings so we can do something better with them than let them sit vacant.  The first step […]

Informatics Update: Graham McAllister and Video-game Usability (Invited post)

As a part of my efforts with Andy Philippedes at Sussex Uni to get information flowing between the Computer Science dept. and companies in town, Andy has asked Graham McAllister to introduce himself and his work (and new company) in usability design and research for video games. Over to Graham… I’m Graham McAllister, a Senior […]

ProCasts gets screencast award

I’m rather chuffed to say that our ProCasts has just received an award from TechSmith for our Adblock Plus open-source advocacy screencast.  I’ve blogged a few more details at ProCasts, our video is played 600 times a day and has already won popularity awards in YouTube. “I liked this screencast for several reasons. Ian made […]

New Python tutorials at ShowMeDo using Learning Paths

The latest development at ShowMeDo is a new learning system called Learning Paths.  The Paths are ordered collections of videos and series where individual items are pulled together to make a journey (a ‘learning trajectory’) for the learner to achieve one particular goal. The Path also allow for dependencies so ‘Fully worked Python Projects’ depends […]

“The Art and Science of Screencasts” podcast

Bob and Pat, long-time supporters of Joel’s Business of Software forums, were kind enough to interview me last week on the art and science of creating screencasts that sell your software. The podcast (mp3) is 42 minutes long, they question me to help MicroISVs and tech companies learn more about using screencasts to demo and […]