New Python tutorials at ShowMeDo using Learning Paths

The latest development at ShowMeDo is a new learning system called Learning Paths.  The Paths are ordered collections of videos and series where individual items are pulled together to make a journey (a ‘learning trajectory’) for the learner to achieve one particular goal.

The Path also allow for dependencies so ‘Fully worked Python Projects’ depends upon  ‘Beginning Python Programming’ and that depends upon ‘Setting up Python’.

At present we have an initial set of Paths and more will follow very soon:

The Paths mix our free and Club content, all authors have edit rights so everyone can add the right material to the Paths so they tell exactly the right story.

We’re very keen to see the Paths used, I’ve already blogged about this on the main ShowMeDo Blog.  If you like what we’re trying to achieve, perhaps you could help us to spread the word by blogging or tweeting?

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  • jahuca
    excellent! i wish there were an equivalent learning path with ruby...