Archive of month: December 2008

Robot posts at RoboChick

It is lovely to see that Emily has added new posts on her robotic explorations at robochick. Topics include a look at CCNR (that’s Sussex Uni’s Centre for Computational Neuroscience) with video, Emily’s talk on building robots as ‘Batteries not included‘ for Brighton Girl Geeks, thoughts on presenting at the £5 App Xmas Special and […]

Presenting at Sussex Uni Research Day

Last week I was kindly invited to speak at a Research Day for the Infomatics dept at Sussex Uni. by Inman Harvey and Anil Seth.  The plan was to talk about ‘life after my MSc [10 years back]’ and to figure out if and how we could get more students involved with tech companies in […]

£5 App Xmas Special Write-Up

We had a lovely night!  50 or so enlightened souls joined us at The Werks in Hove for Aleks and Barry‘s talk on the development and launch of SpaceShip! followed by 4 excellent gamesy-themed 10 minute demos. As Richard says: “I mean, how does this sound: I turn up at The Werks, icy cold, to […]

£5 App Xmas Special Listing Details

We’re plotting our 14th £5 App meet.  This, our second Christmas Special, will have a gamesy happy crimbo feel.  Picture (from a few months back) kudos to Josh: Date: Wednesday 10th December, sign-up on Upcoming please.  Location The Werks (Hove nr Palmeira Sq) – note their piggy bank for a second projector at the end […]