£5 App Xmas Special Listing Details

We’re plotting our 14th £5 App meet.  This, our second Christmas Special, will have a gamesy happy crimbo feel.  Picture (from a few months back) kudos to Josh:

£5 App evening in full swing

Date: Wednesday 10th December, sign-up on Upcoming please.  Location The Werks (Hove nr Palmeira Sq) – note their piggy bank for a second projector at the end of this post please.

Our very own Aleks Krotoski will lead the evening with the launch of the Guardian’s new on-line text adventure SpaceShip!

Following Aleks’ main talk we’ll have a set of shorter 10 minute demos:

  1. Lightsaber mobile phone duelling by Marko (Lastminute.com Labs)
  2. Fighting Mini-sumo robots by Emily
  3. In-development 3D iPhone game + backstory by Dominic Mason
  4. Flash 3D Snow and Xmas games by Seb (PluginMedia)
  5. Eye-controlled Pong by Ben Rubinstein (CogApp)

You’ll meet lots of local developers, freelancers and business founders including people of Farm Brighton, Girl Geeks, Sussex Innovation Centre, Inuda and The Skiff, The Werks, EuroGamer, BrandWatch, ClearLeft and Madgex.

The Ribots are sponsoring us with Festive Alcohol and (fingers crossed) Xmas Cakery.

Related – Seb’s Big Screen Bonanza Flash night is the day before ours, check it out for 200+ seatage Flash-demo crazyness.

Note – The Werks are looking for donations towards a second projector, do the right thing and support ’em here:

Click here to lend your support to: The Werks and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !

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  • Apologies to Planet London Python readers, I mistagged this as 'python'. Whilst two of the talks might use Python, I don't have confirmation that they do and I didn't mean to add the 'python' tag - sorry! You're all more than welcome, of course...