Brighton Python Meetup (Oct 29th)

John and I are organising another Brighton Python meet for the evening of Wednesday Oct 29th (Upcoming for details). [photo by southtyrolean]

We threw one months back along with Paul Silver’s The Farm freelancers, we filled the The Hampton Arms with close to 60 geeks IIRC.  The pub is a 15 minute walk from Brighton station (note to GnuBlade and other Londoners, this pub is much closer to the station than the building we use for £5 App meets!).

Amongst others we had Jim of SecondLife UK, a Microsoftie who likes lightweight languages, several pyQT programmers from a medical company and a whole bunch of others.

As before it’ll just be a meet n’greet pub outing, I’m expecting 10-20 Pythonistas along with 20-40 Farmers (they’re PHP, Web, db, graphics etc local freelancers), lots of beer and conversation.

Please sign-up (Upcoming) so we’ve an idea of who will be along.


  • Adam Collard
    It was PyGTK actually but I'll let you off :) See you on the 29th!
  • Glad you're coming! Sorry about the mixup :-)