Archive of month: July 2008

Learning Python via ShowMeDo

Every now and again it is useful to look back at what’s been achieved – ShowMeDo started three years ago and we considered ourselves lucky if 1 Python video was contributed a month.  Now we get several whole series each month!  Often each series is information-laden and created by a competent screencaster.  Viewers learn very […]

RoboChick – Emily’s first post

Emily has started blogging on RoboChick, she’s talking about the Herbie the Mousebot birthday prezzie I bought her (pcb + parts + motors == hours of fun), one of the two wheeled robots that I thought would make for cool projects.  I hope she gets the pictures up soon…Robot pictures in flickr.

Experimenting with eLance

I’ve posted a job into eLance for the first time – I figure it is time to experiment with remote web design and CSS implementation.  Now this might seem odd given that I live in web-designer-rich Brighton… I’m a believer in building on-line marketplaces where we can remotely trade our skills rather than only doing […]

£5 App Write-up (6 demos at our Demo Camp)

What a fab night!  I counted 46 people which makes this possibly the largest event we’ve thrown – thanks to all for attending.  Sponsored beer, live Qik video, 6 great talks and lively post-event pub conversation – who could ask for a better evening?  Josh made this rather excellent panoramic view of us all: Each […]

New PC + Ubuntu

I’ll jot these down as helpful notes for others.  I’ve just bought a new Mesh PC, it includes an nForce 610i chipset (with video and audio) and a separate GeForce 8500 GT graphics card. Ubuntu Hardy installed without hitch, it found my nVidia and suggested the restricted driver, it was happy with the SATA 500Gb […]