Archive of month: February 2008

First Brighton Python Meet – Weds 20th

John and I are holding our first Brighton Python meet this Wednesday 20th at The Hampton Arms. Paul Silver’s The Farm is running on the same night – we’ll be sitting on a nearby table. We’ll have a copy of Learning Python on the table, I’ll have my laptop with ShowMeDo‘s TurboGears code and John […]

Rupert and Eurogamer at the £5 App

Earlier in the week we had a great talk from Rupert about how he and his brother built the ‘overnight success’ Eurogamer in ‘just 10 years’ 🙂 I’ve written the event up at Rosie’s ProjectBrighton. If you’re interested in presenting an idea, work-in-progress or fully-fledged story at a future event then please just get in […]

Learn Python – ShowMeDo Subscriptions

I’m rather proud to say that we released our Subscription package for new Python programmers last Saturday. We aim to be the on-line ‘Python school’ that so many beginners are looking for. Python is a great language for beginners, has many learn-Python books and a strong Python Tutor mail list. One area that it lacks […]

Disappearing Adobe Flash Player on Ubuntu (Gutsy)

This morning Ubuntu’s UpdateManager ran and informed me of 1 update to do with the Adobe flash player. I let it install…and promptly I no longer had the Flash player in Firefox 🙁 An ‘about:plugins’ confirmed that it was missing. A few minutes poking on the web revealed this write-up and this bug-report which spells […]