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Becoming a Freelance Programmer (Part 3)

Most people are helpful and supportive of freelancers. They know that freelancers survive by being good, trustworthy and helpful and so they try to help. Do remember to tell people that you are freelancing, what you do and what you’re looking for. Don’t bore them, just let them know what you need and they’re bound […]

Becoming a Freelance Programmer (Part 2)

Turning yourself into a freelancer is easy – you probably want a Ltd. company (see Part 1) and you need to know what you are offering, where you are offering it (probably local places that you can travel to) and who you are offering it to. Articles: Introduction, Successful Freelancing, Talking to People, Making a […]

Becoming a Freelance Programmer (Part 1)

Three years ago I dropped out of being a paid-employee and switched to being a consultant. I’ve had a number of people ask about my experiences as they’re interested in following a similar route. I’m going to write a short set of posts on the subject and I welcome questions. Articles: Introduction, Successful Freelancing, Talking […]

Python at Google (YouTube, Groups,

Alex Martelli (uber-tech-lead at Google) writes in a thread on Google’s use of Python. I’d heard before but it is nice to see it confirmed: “YouTube (one of Google’s most valuable properties) is essentially all-Python” and there’s a link to a short slide presentation on Making YouTube Scalable with Python. He makes the following point […]

ShardCore exhibiting @ Tin Drum (Kemptown)

Those of your who attend our Five Pound App event will have seen some of ShardCore’s intriguing artwork – most recently he spoke about Tycho Brahe (the man with the missing nose, a dwarf and the moose). Picture from the event here. He’s just begun his first public exhibition at Kemptown’s Tin Drum and I […]

BarCamp Brighton

Last weekend we held our first BarCamp (blog) here in Brighton. 80 or so geeks attended both days, many were here anyway because of Friday’s excellent dConstruct. Jane took excellent pictures and many of the talks are listed in the schedule on the BackNetwork which Madgex kindly provided. My talk isn’t listed (duh, bad me) […]

BrightonDigital mail list keeps growing

Two months back Ivan and I started the Brighton Digital mail list for tech companies here in Brighton. We wanted to build a list which local companies can use to discuss their services and talk more openly about business. To join – email ‘‘ and you can find the archives here. Anyone in a small/mid-sized […]

Using OpenID for blog commenting

To leave a comment on Simon’s £5 App blog post I figured I might try OpenID (given that Simon is such an advocate). Previously I’d looked at MyOpenID and I figured it couldn’t be too hard…it took 5 minutes to configure my user ( and 1 minute to sign-in on Simon’s blog. I can use […]

Jeremy Keith talks for £5 App on October 9th

Jeremy Keith will talk on building a social community around Irish Folk Music at our 7th Five Pound App meet. Please sign-up on Upcoming so I know how much beer to buy. Simon Willison blogged about our 6th event and I wrote a short history. For those new to the idea – we took inspiration […]

Brighton’s Open Street Map

Mikel Maron spoke at BarCamp last weekend on his progress towards finishing the Brighton OpenStreetMap.  The demo was really nice – apparently it’ll be ‘finished’ by November in time for the Digital Festival. I just tried out a demo – you can see the centre of Brighton with all the roads, train station, some of […]
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