Python at Google (YouTube, Groups,

Alex Martelli (uber-tech-lead at Google) writes in a thread on Google’s use of Python. I’d heard before but it is nice to see it confirmed:

“YouTube (one of Google’s most valuable properties) is essentially all-Python”

and there’s a link to a short slide presentation on Making YouTube Scalable with Python. He makes the following point about their general philosophy:

“Python where we can, C++ where we must”

A jucier quote, referencing a nanovirus that might mysteriously drop from the sky and attack Google:

“if the mutant space-eating nanovirus should instantly stop the execution of all Python code, the powerful infrastructure that has been often described as “Google’s secret weapon” would seize up. “

Greg Stein (chairman of Apache, big-wig engineer at Google) also states in early 2006 that Python is used for:

“…A few services including and google groups.”

It is always nice to hear that Python is used on the larger projects, not just behind the scenes.