£5 App – Job Board

John and I announced our ‘Job Board’ idea at the second £5 App meet. We want to make the board useful for Jobs, Requests and Announces for geeks in Brighton.

If you want something added, just post a comment on this post. To get in the picture you’ll need to attend and stick something on the board.

Here’s a photo of the board – if you follow the link to Flickr you’ll find that it has clickable hot-spots (thanks Jane for doing this!):

The Job board

From top to bottom the links are for:


  • samGeek
    Geek provides computer forensic services. We also have various other skills available on a consultancy basis: - Computer investigation work - Java, C programming - Web development - Web services - Writing (articles, web-copy, manuals, technical...)
  • Sam and Nick are at: http://www.geek.ltd.uk/ for those that need to know, based in the Sussex Innovation Centre. They're Sussex Uni phd graduates, great coders, interested in various consultancy jobs. I vouch for both of them :-) Ian.
  • Established bespoke software developers Best Exectution Software are looking to start a new development centre in the Brighton area - therefore need to recruit a small team (around 4) C++ programmers. Commercial experience not essential. Vacancy details are here: - http://www.wiredsussex.com/jobs/Vacancy.asp?Item=4383 or send your CV to jobs@bestexecution.co.uk
  • I don't know Best Execution (they're based in Tunbridge Wells) but I do know Emily and she's a damn fine programmer and project lead. Their new office down here should be a good opportunity for good junior coders looking for new challenges.