Second £5 App Write-up – Social Start-ups

Tuesday night saw another very successful £5 App meet where Alan Newman and Raj Anand spoke on their startups (html-slides below).

Alan and Raj at £5 App Meet

Alan discussed the rocky road to building a stable development company ( and his social footy site. Raj gave a very interesting talk on ‘how to start a start-up’, a subject he blogs about occasionally on the Kwiqq blog.

See their web-friendly slides here:

This is our second event (earlier announce) which follows our first event the previous month.

[Update – Dan Glegg, speaker for the next event, has a write-up of this evening and talks about his subject for the third event]

As before – feedback was great, Clive has a write-up and it seems that our free beer and cake is appreciated 🙂 Thanks again to Danny and Ben of HoboInternet for providing such a great venue and to Jane for once again taking an excellent set of photographs.


We also introduced our new Job/Skills/Announce Board which was quickly filled (see picture and web-links on the linked post) – we’ll want it crammed next time! This is a great opportunity for you to post about jobs, available-skills and event announces.

The third £5 App will take place on June 12th (Upcoming announce to follow) and we’ll have a new format. Dan Glegg will be the only speaker – he’ll talk about his Ruby tools and consulting (Dan – could you Comment about this?) and may be making an Announce on the night.

£5 App co-founder John is keen to get some geeky discussions going to balance out the business-founder-stories – so rather than have a second speaker we’ll probably open the floor to several proposed £5-apps. A speaker will introduce an idea and the group can discuss it and maybe a new project or two will be born there and then. We’re keen to experiment and see what format(s) work best for everyone, so do ping us feedback!

Mailing list: Are you on the mailing list? If not then leave a comment below and I’ll add you to the list – I make an Announce every month about the upcoming event.


  • I've just got around to blogging about the evening to accompany the pictures.
  • Right, I'd best get my thinking hat on then...
  • I've just done a blog post about the last and next events. I'll be presenting at the next event about our approach to developing Tails, our great new bugtracking tool for small teams. Looking forward to it! Thanks again for putting on a great event.
  • With a company name like Geek, surely I'll be able to come up with something suitable to talk about..... Add me to the mailing list please.