Jobs Board at the £5 App Meet

At the first £5 App meet we had a lot of people who either run their own company or are part of a start-up. I spoke to a bunch of people about how they go about finding contractors and permie staff and everyone agrees that it is a right pain. Personal networking seems to be the main approach and that’s just rather time-consuming.

We do have the Wired Sussex Jobs Page but that only really serves small-to-mid-sized companies looking for permie staff. As an experiment we’ll have a physical jobs-board at the next £5 App meet. If the idea proves useful then we’ll grow it (somehow).

The idea is that you can post on the board for:

  • Jobs available (part/full/whatever-time)
  • Skills available (from part-time evening work upwards)
  • £5 App collaborations (if you have an idea but lack the skill or vice versa)

John and I will provide the board & pins, pens and paper (or bring along a pre-prepared ad) and the day after I’ll transcribe the ads to the blog. If people find this useful and introductions get made then we’ll figure out how to grow the idea for a future event. The board is free, you just have to attend (or know someone who is) to post to it.

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