£5 App at Brunswick Square

Our £5 App evening (Tuesday March 27th 8pm) gathers pace. John and I went for a visit to the very cool venue at 13 Brunswick Square (beige door, see Update at bottom of this entry):

Venue for £5 App Meet

The building is perfect – it has exactly the right atmosphere for a startup event. John and I shall provide the beer, we’ll talk for an hour or so on ShowMeDo and Chrss then we’ll decamp to the pub. ShardCore will provide half a dozen pieces of art and we’ll all have a fab evening 🙂

The next two events are coming along nicely – Raj and Alan will talk on Social Apps next then we have Andy White and perhaps Dan talking on Rails apps for the third. Do you know someone who’d like to present at a future event?

[Update we are listed on O’Reilly’s GMT events site – see the right side-bar for March 27th]
[Update 13 Brunswick Sq has no street number but the door is a very obvious beige colour. You need the bell marked ‘office’.]

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