Archive of month: January 2007


I’ve slowly been working my way through Tom Baker’s Dr. Who episodes whilst working from my sofa on ShowMeDo (there’s nothing like some childhood sci-fi running in the background whilst working!). And here I am watching The Invisible Enemy when up pops K9 – I’d always wondered when he appeared. Aww, the little tin doggy […]

8th Sussex Geek Dinner

Last night I attended the 8th Sussex Geek Dinner (organised by Simon Harriyott) where Mikel Maron gave a great talk about his involvement with the OpenStreetMap project (they plan to finish mapping Brighton by Spring, and the entire Isle of Wight was completed last year). The talk was great, beer was drunk and I had […]

Sunny Brighton Morning

We had our first sunny and warm morning in Brighton this weekend past so I met John for a late breakfast. We play chess on and off (and John always beats me) and we couldn’t resist a slow game. Fantastically, this game I finally got to beat John…there’s a first time for everything: Wandering back […]