Sunny Brighton Morning

We had our first sunny and warm morning in Brighton this weekend past so I met John for a late breakfast. We play chess on and off (and John always beats me) and we couldn’t resist a slow game. Fantastically, this game I finally got to beat John…there’s a first time for everything:

Breakfast and Chess

Wandering back through The Laines we passed some of the fairly recent graffiti art and I couldn’t help but take a shot:

Chess Graffiti


  • Well it had to happen sooner or later...
  • [...] Development was also further spurred on by starting to play chess again with my friend Ian. [...]
  • Two great chess shots. Can I put them in my Google gallery please? streetchess and john e will show you my stuff! atb John e
  • For sure, you're more than welcome to use the images :-) Just post a link back here when you're done, we'll be interested in seeing what you've done. Cheers, Ian.