Stealth Start-Ups Suck

The CEO of bloglines asserts that Stealth Start-Ups Suck.

He goes on to state that a start-up shouldn’t be stealth for longer than 3 month before going public and gathering feedback. Is it a coincidence that BookAnExpert gained proper commitment from Kyran and myself back in April, and we’re about to launch the first service? Don’t go searching for the website – there’s nothing there yet, but soon – I promise.

He also makes the point

The sooner you get something out there, the sooner you’ll start getting feedback from users.

I hope you’re listening, I’m depending on your views. Original link via Slashdot.


  • So what happened to the start up?
  • Ah, well, BookAnExpert evolved into: which is growing rather nicely - 200,000 tutorial videos served and growing all the time :-) Ian.