New High Performance Python chapters online & teaching a 2 day course on HPC

The last month has been crazy busy, not least because I got to run my first High Performance Python 2 day tutorial at a university. I was out in Aalborg University teaching a PhD group, we covered four blocks:

  1. Profiling (CPU and RAM)
  2. Compilers and JITs
  3. Multi-core and distributed
  4. Using less RAM, storage systems and lessons

UPDATE As of October 2014 I’ll be teaching High Performance Python and Data Science in London, sign-up here to join our announce list (no spam, just occasional updates about our courses).

Here’s a picture of my class, it all went rather swimmingly. I plan to run the same class in London in the coming months (details to follow):

On the same note we pushed some more chapters for our High Performance Python book on to O’Reilly’s build system a week back, we now have:

  • Introduction
  • Performant Python
  • Tuples and Dictionaries
  • Iterators and Generators
  • Profiling
  • Matrices with numpy
  • Compiling and JITs

More chapters will go live in a couple of weeks, we’re in the final editing phase now.

Don’t forget that PyDataBerlin is coming up in a couple of months, it runs during EuroPython. If you’re out for EuroPython then it makes a lot of sense to go to PyDataBerlin too 🙂

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