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This is Ian Ozsvald's blog (@IanOzsvald), I'm an entrepreneurial geek, a Data Science/ML/NLP/AI consultant, founder of the Annotate.io social media mining API, author of O'Reilly's High Performance Python book, co-organiser of PyDataLondon, co-founder of the SocialTies App, author of the A.I.Cookbook, author of The Screencasting Handbook, a Pythonista, co-founder of ShowMeDo and FivePoundApps and also a Londoner. Here's a little more about me.

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11 August 2011 - 15:08Closing The Screencasting Handbook’s email list

At the start of the year I published The Screencasting Handbook, my eBook on the art of screencasting gained whilst building ShowMeDo and ProCasts. Writing a 129 page book was an interesting challenge, I’m very happy with my early peer-review approach, the book retailed at $39 at first and later I dropped the price to $19 as some of the material has dated.

For the last 5 months I haven’t made any changes but I did keep the emailing list. Now I’m shutting the email lists as there’s little point re-mailing everyone to say that the book is done. Really I should have shut the lists months ago! The Handbook is still for sale of course (at $19USD) and will be for quite some time to come.

Putting this older project into ‘life support’ mode is rather cathartic, now I get to focus on fresh projects like SocialTies (now in iPhone and Android app stores) and our forthcoming StrongSteam ‘Artificial Intelligence web service’.

Ian applies Data Science as an AI/Data Scientist for companies in ModelInsight, sign-up for Data Science tutorials in London. Historically Ian ran Mor Consulting. He also founded the image and text annotation API Annotate.io, co-authored SocialTies, programs Python, authored The Screencasting Handbook, lives in London and is a consumer of fine coffees.

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