The Screencasting Handbook

I’m very pleased to say that my new screencasting book – The Screencasting Handbook – is now in production.

The website went live this week and once one tiny bug is resolved (the title seems to float a bit weirdly) the site will be finished.

The book’s goal is to present 4 years of my own experiences screencasting, along with the experiences of others, to help new screencasters get up to speed quickly.

My screencasting experience comes from 4 years building ShowMeDo with Kyran where I’ve made over 140 tutorials and founding ProCasts for professional work a year back.

Along the way I wrote a 9-part screencast tutorial but I’ve got so much experience to share…so I figured it was time to write a book.

I’m taking an agile approach to the book’s development.  I’ll release a table of contents with Chapter 1 as the first commercial release, probably in mid August.

Next I’ll release new chapters every few weeks.  The aim is to iterate on the feedback from my readers so I’m delivering the book that answers their questions, rather than the book that I guess might contain what they need.

You can sign-up on the site for emailed notifications and a chance to win a free license.  If you’d just like to keep an eye on things you could always follow our Twitter feed.

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