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This is Ian Ozsvald's blog (@IanOzsvald), I'm an entrepreneurial geek, a Data Science/ML/NLP/AI consultant, founder of the Annotate.io social media mining API, author of O'Reilly's High Performance Python book, co-organiser of PyDataLondon, co-founder of the SocialTies App, author of the A.I.Cookbook, author of The Screencasting Handbook, a Pythonista, co-founder of ShowMeDo and FivePoundApps and also a Londoner. Here's a little more about me.

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17 September 2005 - 13:36Brighton Bloggers

I’ve made it onto the Brighton Bloggers site, and I’ve no idea how. Anyone want to own up to submitting me? The tag-lines for the two entries around me read “Diary of a booze hound” and “Therapy is expensive. Blogging is cheap. You do the math.”. Am I the only entrepreneurial geek in the village?

Update: I was added by Richard Dallaway, he remembered me from a past conversation. Mystery solved!

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11 September 2005 - 15:02Etsy Time-machine

Etsy have come up with a cool toy – more fun to play with than useful though. The timemachine plays an interactive Flash animation of the most recent additions of hand-made goods on the site by its independent sellers.

Etsy Timemachine

The items fly past from most to least recently added, like you’re flying through a cloud of product. Moving the mouse changes where you fly and if you click on a product then a tag (like an airline luggage tag) appears with details. All very swish and it catches your eye. I’m not sure that it adds a lot of value to the site, though I guess they’ll get mentioned by other blogs – and since they’re not marketing themselves they’ll need this kind of coverage to get their word out.

Whilst it loads (it takes a few seconds) it reports that it is ‘charging the flux capacitor’. The geeks shall inherit the Earth!

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