Come to my screencasting SkillSwap in Brighton on Jan 27th

On January 27th here in Brighton I’m co-running a SkillSwap evening, I’ll spend 45 minutes teaching screencasting (based on a Mac) and Andy White will spend 45 minutes teaching podcasting.  We’ll cover planning, recording, editing, distributing and mics between us.

We’re both aiming the talks at freelancers (so they can communicate better with clients) and small companies (for training, marketing and demos).  We’re also the authors of The Screencasting Handbook and Podcasting Unleashed.

I’ll cover at least these topics:

  • Free and commercial tools on a Mac (and Windows/Linux if requested)
  • Recording your first screencast with Jing and hosting it on the Web
  • Planning your screencast so it meets the needs of your audience
  • The differences between a sales/marketing screencast and a tutorial
  • Using ScreenFlow to record, edit and produce a screencast and then upload it to YouTube
  • Hosting your own screencast and other distribution options

If you bring a laptop then I can get you started with the free Jing so you can walk away with a recording and hosting solution for Mac and Windows.

If you’re in Brighton then the event is free, see details in Upcoming and sign-up on EventBrite. SkillSwap has been running for years – cheers to Nat and James for finding a spot for us.

Madgex will be sponsoring beer and nibbles, the atmosphere will be relaxed and friendly.  Nat is recording the audio for a podcast and I intend to record a video of the evening for distribution via Vimeo (but of course that won’t be the same as being there and being able to ask questions!).

Ian is a Chief Interim Data Scientist via his Mor Consulting. Sign-up for Data Science tutorials in London and to hear about his data science thoughts and jobs. He lives in London, is walked by his high energy Springer Spaniel and is a consumer of fine coffees.

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  • If you're covering Jing, I'd expect you'd want to also cover - I've been toying with the idea of including user generated screencasts via screenr (and a twitter search for appropriate hashtag) to show them on a page on