ShowMeDo server move + Python 3 videos

We’ve spent the last few weeks migrating ShowMeDo to its own server after 3 years operating out of a shared box.  Moving the site was a pain as I’m not a low-level Apache hacker but all in everything seems fine now and we have extra capacity to grow.

Kyran has skinned the blog so it fits with the overall theme.  The new Learning Paths feature is close to being released, this’ll really tie together all the learning resources in the site so visitors can get a threaded path through all the videos.

Kyran has explained some of the move and has configured ShowMeDo’s frontpage to show some of the posts, this is a really nice way to integrate the blog into the main site.  We also have a Hall of Fame now where all authors are ranked by a number of measures.

Two authors have added Python 3 videos, Gasto summarises some of the changes in 3.0 and chyld shows 3.0 in action in 2 videos on lists and  These and all the other Python videos are here.

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