Marble-mouse sticking, finger slips [solved]

For the last few weeks my lovely Logitech Marble Mouse has been sticking – my finger would slip whenever I pulled it towards me (‘down’) whilst up, left and right were just fine.  I had a memory that when I first bought the mouse in August everything was much smoother…

A quick Google revealed nought except for many happy people who exclaimed that the track-ball didn’t stick or slip and didn’t require cleaning.

Cleaning?  Huh?  Could it be that simple?  Sure enough – I tipped it upside down and applied a little pressure to make the red ball drop out and inside the ball casing I could see a little bit of cruft around the three raised plastic lumps that hold the mouse in place.  These dislodged with a finger-press, I popped the ball back in and Yay Everything is Fine Again!

Now the mouse whips across the screen and control is back to being as light as a feather.  Sometimes the simple things make it all worthwhile.

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