– first version on-line

I’m very pleased to say that the first version of ProCasts, my professional screencasting site, is now on-line.  I’m taking the professional screencast activity that I performed for three years under the older ShowMeDo Services site and building it up as my own activity.

ProCasts Professional Screencast Creator, Screencast voice-overs, Screencast training

The site has one screencasting example by me (along with many external examples – more of my own to come) and a short entry on screencast hosting (I’ve decided to blog about screencast hosting options instead).  Through ShowMeDo I’ve created over 130 screencasts, I plan to integrate some of these examples and the knowledge I’ve gained into ProCasts in due course.

ProCasts was developed through eLance, I blogged about how I was experimenting with eLance a month back.  I’ll have a full write-up, with positive review of my outsourcer Gursimran, later.

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