Write-ups for £5 App and WidgetyGoodness

I’m working with Rosie and a few others on the new Project Brighton idea to review and encourage geek activity in Brighton.

To kick-off my involvement I have reviewed our £5 App Xmas Special and Ivan’s WidgetyGoodness. Earlier Rosie reviewed Mikel’s OpenStreetMap Brighton launch.

My review for WidgetyGoodness was a difficult one – I had some issues with the conference but at the same time I didn’t want to be negative – Ivan+team did a great job of bringing a new conference to the area.

How do you write-up your thoughts without wishing to offend? I did my best to be clear about my position and background as the preface to the review and I’m glad that Will weighed in with his own thoughts.

What else will happen at ProjectBrighton? We’re brain-storming later in the week. One driving theme is to encourage more geeks to work in Brighton so we have more opportunities right here on our door-step. More on this when we’ve had a think.


  • This is brilliant guys. More power to you, and support. Concrete support. Gra and I have been involved in similar style activity in other communities we have been in, but this one is by far the best to "invest" our hopes and dreams into. One thing that springs to mind right now is, do I try and offer my blogging courses in Brighton as much as possible (rather than London or further afield), and if so (my intention is yes) how do we add value to clients coming here for that. Lately my fab new mate Biff at Naked (met online through Brighton Bloggers event) finds lots of reasons to come because: a) they are launching naked in digital brighton.. let's interview them to ask why! (you can guess) - great case study b) clearleft is building much of it for them (open messaging see nakedyak.com)... So - who will my clients/students want to see while they are here? what are the hotels that love us and give us deals... what are the cafes and restaurants that want to offer us great wifi, space to talk etc.... where is a website I can point them at to being the process of introducing them to the wealth of talent when they come. I'm loving it. Together we are stronger. The view looks great.... cheese and tanks - Libby
  • Ps - re: writing up comments on the conference... I was really glad to hear what we can do better next year. We asked for feedback, it's year one, we need it! Maybe this will work for you... if you want to give tricky feedback - give em a juicy sandwich! Dry ones are hard to swallow. Add some mayo. Start with a positive.... bring in the genuine, constructively worded feedback .. then end with a positive. Makes the whole thing much easier to digest.
  • Hi Libby - thanks for the support :-) It is great to hear that you're on-board with the 'sing from the rooftops about Brighton' idea, everyone else seems keen on the idea too. It is an idea whose time has come. Re. tricky feedback - thanks for the thoughts, it is the first time I've had to express these ideas where I really didn't want to offend but did feel the need to say my piece. Sensible feedback and the option to change and improve (or re-target or whatever...) can only help us make things better down here. Ian.