4th £5 App – Linc’s Button Box

Yesterday we held our 4th FivePoundApp meet and Linc Smith gave a great talk about his ‘response box’ developed inside ioLab.

Linc’s talk is a change from our regular software talks as the response box is a hardware system. Linc showed us how he designed and produced these boxes which improve upon the current state of the art. The boxes have a Mac-like feel to them and are rather nice to look at.

Linc says:

“He is happy to give advice on small-run electronics manufacturing or just low volume manufacturing in general. He is also open to collaborations with people who have an idea for a product (electronic or otherwise) but no experience in manufacturing.”

Jane has some great photos (including one of me that should never have seen the light of day) under the £5 App flickr tag.

I presented my thoughts on a skills-board that I think would benefit Brighton. – more on this in a future blog post. Next Danny and Ben presented their ideas for ArtMeddler where artists can show how they develop their work.

Madgex are recruiting (Sussex Digital jobs link anyone?). Jon (Inuda) and I presented our plan for OpenCoffee Sussex which was successfully held this morning at the Sussex Innovation Centre.

Write-up: Jane Dallaway.

Next event August 14th.

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  • Sorry I couldn't make it this time. Hope to make the next one