4th £5 App Meeting – Tuesday 10th July

Our 4th meeting is almost here, Linc Smith will be talking about his Mac-inspired ‘button box’ – a custom-built box used for timing-experiments with medical folk (it looks like a Steve Jobsian arcade controller).

We will also have a selection of Pitch ideas:

  • A Facebook Food idea – Jon Markwell
  • Art-Hole – Shardcore will give an update
  • I have a reverse-jobs-board/skills-board that I’d like to see someone build
  • Danny’s SnipGet perhaps?
  • John‘s coding-day/hackathon?

and we’ll welcome anyone else who wants to make a 10 minute Pitch (or Plea as in my case!).

How: Mark yourself as Attending at Upcoming if you’d like beer (or UnAttend if you can’t make it please). We use the numbers to judge how much beer to buy and cake to bake.

Official site: See fivepoundapp.com for post-events links to write-ups and photos.

Related: Wednesday has Simon’s Geek Dinner and Thursday is the (fully-booked) Girl Geek Dinner.