3rd £5 App – Dan Glegg and The Pitches

John and I held another great £5 App meet last night (previous event). Even though we had to limit numbers on Upcoming we still had our regular 20-or-so turn-out. John made more Ginger Cake and I bought some better beer for this event.

First half – the talk:

Dan Glegg (angryamoeba) gave another great talk (he spoke last week at the Sussex Geek Dinner). For us he spoke about his development of Tails, a bug-tracking tool for small-team.

Over a year’s worth of work has gone into this product and Dan was proud to announce the launch of Tails this week. This is great stuff Dan – it was very cool to have you announce the product at our event.

It was good also to hear your thoughts on developing a product on the side of client-consultancy, something that several of us are doing now it seems. I’m not sure I agree that commodity hosting is a bad thing (ShowMeDo has always done just fine on a commodity shared hosting account) but otherwise I thought your comments were spot-on. I wish you every success with Tails!

Fingers crossed we’ll have a web-friendly presentation from Dan and perhaps a podcast of the event too. Anyone got photos?

Second half – the Pitches:

At John’s suggestion we tried a new format last night – 3 people stood up and made a 10-minute Pitch for an idea. Two of the ideas were requests for feedback, one has already been developed to v1.

Neil presented Art-Hole, he’s aiming to build a Brighton-artists site by stealing leveraging other frameworks and APIs (flickr et al.). He’s trying to solve the problem of finding and talking to other artists in Brighton who aren’t necessarily web-savvy or monied. He wants feedback and collaborators (about, contact: shardcore AT shardcore.org)

Stuart has an idea for a copyright protection search-engine. Stuart – would you comment and give some background to your idea and say what you’re after from the Pitch? I don’t think I can summarise your idea in one sentence!

Danny posted an idea a while back for StripMe.org to strip comments from CSS. Dave went and built the idea and Danny put it on-line. Danny presented the site just to spread the word.


  • Hi Ian Photos are processed and up at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/janed/sets/72157600349354113/ My review of the evening is at: http://jane.dallaway.com/blog/2007/06/5-app-evening.html Thanks for putting on another great evening Jane
  • Hi Ian, thanks for the write-up! I'll drop you a line when the audio has been uploaded.
  • Sorry for the delay Ian, the talk audio took some time to rescue from the world of awful sound quality. Here we go: http://singlecell.angryamoeba.co.uk/2007/06/26/tails-talk-at-5-apps-shipping-soon/