£5 App on Social Start-ups – 2nd event Tuesday May 8th

[Edit – see ‘Second £5 App Write-up – Social Start-ups‘ for the write-up of this second event]

John and I have organised our second £5 App, this one takes place on Tuesday May 8th (details: Upcoming). Please mark your attendance over at Upcoming and un-attend if you can’t make it as we’ll be guessing how much beer to buy from the Attending list.

Our next pair of speakers have a great set of tales for us:

Alan Newman, founder of Sensible Development:

“The evolutionary tale of Sensible Development: From the spare room to the enterprise – 7 years of growth from learning Java in spare time, consulting, running off with The Guardian’s fanbase, developing an online product, selling it, licensing it back, watching it fly (and then crash), then the re-birth, whilst bringing up a family”

Raj Anand, co-founder of Kwiqq.com:

“The story of Brighton based kwiqq.com. How an inexperienced university graduate went from an idea to investment and clients in a few months. Raj explains what it took him to setup the business, how he raised investment and marketed his product.”

John and I will provide beer, John is hoping to bake a cake, the talks will take 45 minutes each (including time for lots of interaction) then after a bit we’ll head off to a local pub.

At the same venue:
The week before – Matt and Charlie’s Think What You Could Do If You Had The Money And Then Figure Out How To Do It Anyway (the last event was very practical, I’m looking forward to the next one).
The week after – Danny’s first Geek Wing Thing – wine tasting+expertise==fun!

Details of our first £5 App event here and here covering my ShowMeDo.com and John’s chess-by-RSS Chrss.


  • My photos are up now - see http://flickr.com/photos/janed/sets/72157600195705856/ Hope you like J
  • Absolutely great! Love the interactive job-board, I'll post a new blog entry shortly. Ian.