Christmas wishes

Right, no posts for absolutely ages…that’s because our is growing really rather nicely. So well in fact that as of January, backed by a bank-loan, I’ll be working 50% time on growing the site, attracting more authors and adding in a few sensible revenue ideas to make the company grow in a sustainable way.

Back when we started in December 2005, we weren’t sure how things would go. Who’d have thought we would have close to 130,000 tutorial downloads within 12 months, with 108 videos and over 20 authors contributing to the site – all whilst growing the site in evenings and weekends?

There is lots to do and plenty more fun to be had. Kyran and I have had a blast growing things this year, now we have to get serious about taking it all to the next level. Expect even less personal posting on this blog, and far more over at the ShowMeDo blog!

Christmas wishes to everyone 🙂