ShowMeDo Updates

Our is growing nicely. We have 23 videos, 4 from contributors, with 3 new videos to add (using Java in Eclipse from John Montgomery). We’ve also getting great interest from visitors who want to make new videos – most cool!

Some of the offers we’ve had include videos for open source audio/video tools like Audacity and VirtualDubMod and Microsoft’s SQL server and C# language. Soon we’ll start to branch out into new topics including Java and Ruby, and then we’ll see where we go. We’d love to start hosting some real-world educational videos. Car mechanics and pottery, anyone?

The requests page demonstrates some of this interest – there’s a mix of geeky Python items along with Knot Tying and Knitting, to name a few. Everyone gets a vote, and I follow these up to find people who’d like to contribute.

The latest addition is the forum and shortly we’ll have a new theme courtesy of Kyran’s hard graft. All of this gets announced on the ShowMeDo Blog.