– new beta on-line!

We have a new release of ShowMeDo on-line! We’re receiving some amazing feedback on our market-test with offers of new videos ranging from language tuition through knitting and on to car servicing. We’d love for these new videos to compliment our current 10 videos.

Our 10 videos are free to access (and always will be), we’ll be adding more of our own over the coming weeks. Our first video had Kyran filming me making a perfect cup of coffee, shortly I’ll be filming Kyran make Excellent Tea. These go alongside our other short tuition pieces on the Python programming language, IPython, ScummVM (with Flight of the Amazon Queen) and one on using HyperCam to make your own videos.

Kyran and I would love to receive your feedback, would you take a look and get in contact?


  • Excellent work! I think you'll get a lot of interest from North America once you've got the 'Excellent Tea' video clip online. :-) Once you have lots of video clips, how will you index them? The current page layout works fine for small numbers of videos, but perhaps a more concise index will be needed once the site expands. Could you get a mention on
  • Hey Duncan - thanks! Making the Excellent Tea video will be fun, though Kyran's organised to make some Indian cooking videos in the meantime so that might get put back a few weeks. As for indexing - yes, we're planning for that. We'll have a basic categorisation structure that we can grow and we'll supplement that with a tag system (a la We're planning to adapt as we grow, we have in fact just discussed the first round of changes to the categories to help keep things under control. Cheers for the link to blogtelevision, I'll have a think about that.
  • [...] Our first ever video, the venerable Perfect Cup of Coffee, has been downloaded 319 times, and several people have been asking for the Great Tea video I mentioned…all in good time! [...]