Hacking stuff – MAKE: magazine

MAKE :  Technology on Your Time Volume 03 (Make: Technology on Your Time)

I’d been futilely waiting to see one of these in Borders, then stumbled across a link on Amazon. I knew that Tim O’Reilly (founder of the insanely good O’Reilly computer-manual empire) had wanted to make a magazine aimed at techno-tinkerers and hackers and I really wanted a look.

Seeing as it was only £6 at Amazon I dived in and bought a copy. I’m not disappointed. It’s an A5 format glossy print magazine, thick and brimming with lots of hackery articles. There’s a bit on sleep hacking, a guy working on home fusion reaction (from the fringe), welding for beginners, modifying you car’s sound system with an iPod, converting a supermarket trolley into a go-kart, portable GPS married with a wi-fi router and an absolute ton of other articles (see article list here). The geek in me smiles.

Volume 4 has just come out, I’ll have to make another purchase…