Archive of month: August 2005

Site was broken, now fixed

Apologies for the site going a bit wonky over the last few days – all is good again. I bought a bigger hosting package from GoDaddy and in the process they disabled the ‘mod_rewrite’ rule for some reason. This stopped comments, permalinks, categories and posts from working. All is now fixed, sorry for the interruption […]

Review: Hackers and Painters (Paul Graham)

Paul Graham has been writing online since before 2000, today he has 45 articles published for free online. New articles now make Slashdot‘s frontpage, quite a big event in geek circles. He published this book last year and it contains 15 chapters, 10 of which are online and 5 of which are new (and probably […]

Two cool businesses

The Business Experiment is rather novel. Take a distributed bunch of people communicating through an internet site, assume that they’re all reasonably intelligent but not necessarily skilled in any one business disciple, assume The Wisdom of Crowds and see if anything coherent comes out. Boot-strapped and open to volunteers. I like. I wouldn’t throw any […]

A dating site that rocks

OkCupid – well, I’ve only just joined so I don’t know if it really rocks – but first impressions are good. First off – you don’t pay – they’ve got a slightly less cynical business model in mind. Second – you develop an online profile based on user-submitted questions – so nothing is predetermined. It […]

Conversion to Ubuntu Linux

My Windows XP desktop computer died last Monday (warning: rant coming up) – I woke up to find that rather than dutifully doing what it had been doing all week (sitting there mostly, with some email), it had instead entered an infinite reboot/crash cycle. One evening playing with it (and I’m no slouch at fixing […]