Firefly Theme

I’m sufficiently hooked on Firefly now that I figure the world needs to know just how wonderful it is. You can hear the intro music which is just superb over at Fantasy News (skip half-way in to miss the intro speech). Lots of other tunes there too…


  • Just hope Serenity is as good. There's some hope that if it is, then it might lead to a new series.
  • Eeek! Let's hope it's better than his Buffy - the movie 'masterpiece', I think to be fair he's had enough time to get over it. Saw Point Pleasant again last Saturday, it's getting a bit better now, I wonder if it's one of those 'slow to get going until the last episode' jobs.
  • Buffy the series was far better than Buffy the movie, but the movie still had it's moments. Early indications are that Serenity is very good.: