John Montgomery has just pointed me to Firefly. Damn, he knows all the coolest SciFi. It nearly outranks Scooby Doo 2 that I’m watching now. Well, maybe. First post – very cool.


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  • I liked firefly, I only saw the first 3 episodes but knew that since it was ex-Buffy creator's new baby it was going to be good, would like to see the rest. Wasn't it axed after like 1 series? On the other hand I have been watching Point Pleasant for some reason, I was expecting witchy-devilish-god fearing scaryness (especially since it is also worked on by a Buffy ex-producer who was very good) but sadly it's like a cross between the O.C, Dawsons Creek and Charmed.
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    Dunc says it was axed due to internal politics - I've borrowed all of Season 1 and that's it. It's a terrible shame, I love it!