Girl Geeks, Flash Big Screen, £5 App Xmas Special

Here are three local events that I’m rather looking forward to:

Girl Geeks on Tues Dec 2nd with Emily on Building Robots.  Emily will walk you through a history of robotics, show neat demos and then show real live hand-built robots (4 of ’em) Doing Stuff including, just possibly, sumo wrestling.  Someone remind Emily to update robochick with more robot posts!

Flash Brighton have a big event on Tues Dec 9th for 200 people called the Big Screen Bonanza.  Lots of Flash geekery, prizes and a whole lotta people.

Our £5 App Xmas Special is on Weds Dec 10th.  Aleks will launch SpaceShip with The Guardian then we’ll follow with a set of fun gamesy demos including bluetooth+accelerometer driven Lightsaber mobiles, Xmas snow+games in Flash and a 3D in-development iPhone game, with more talks to follow.

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