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13 September 2007 - 11:56eXpansys £10 voucher – someone please use it for me

I’ve just received a 4gb usb stick from eXpansys and I received a £10-off voucher (for a purchase over £20).  It is valid until 4th October 2007 and I’m not going to use it – it says ‘use it or pass it on to a friend’.

If you’re going to make an order from eXpansys (I recommend them, have used them for years) then use voucher code ‘GSK4441389’ before 4th October for a £10 discount.  Apparently you have to put the code into the ‘How did you hear about us?’ box in the checkout.

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12 September 2007 - 16:37‘$30 apps – living the life of a mac indie’ (6th £5 App)

Martin did a great talk last night on his Mac shareware.  He developed a sync program (MySync) which was acquired by a reseller and now he is working on a multi-function iSight utility.  Martin suggested that this route is just as lucrative for him as being in a bank-consultancy role in London.

After Martin finished Paul Silver mentioned that for November’s Digital Festival he is planning a ‘hackday’.  Details to come.

John and I also want to hold a ‘£5 App Day’ in the Festival towards the end of November.  We will probably include an SEO WorkShop, a Marketing WorkShop, possibly a Sales WorkShop and some deconstructions of boot-strapped local tech companies.  We want to look ‘back then, to now, and where next?’.

Vicky mentioned that Madgex are recruiting – full details are up on the WiredSussex Jobs Page.  The jobs include a UI Experience consultant, C# programmer, Web designer and Office manager.

Our 7th event will probably be  led by Jeremy Keith talking about a community he has built over a number of years.  Details will follow on the five pound app site.

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2 September 2007 - 21:28ShowMeDo’s New “Services” Arm

I’m very pleased to announce that Kyran and I have completed the first version of services.showmedo.com. The site is our ‘commercial arm’ which aims to help companies with:

  • Creating screencasts for marketing and training
  • Premium video hosting

We are already working for 4 Brighton-based companies and have garnered some very nice testimonials. Next – I have a large list of other companies to contact.

If you would like a report on why video could be useful to your site (and go on, yes you do!) then use the handy little form that you’ll find in the site.

This new service will occupy a lot of my time over the coming year, all this is made possibly by us accepting a round of family-funding to support our growth.

Onwards and upwards!

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