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13 July 2007 - 14:18Printable Events-Summary List?

I mention the events that I attend (£5 App, OpenCoffee Sussex, Girl Geek Dinner, Geek Dinner, Geek Wine Thing) to friends and colleagues and often I’m met with a blank stare. It seems that most people I know just don’t realise that there are events like these in town.

I’m wondering if a printable list of the established events might be useful – they’d be like flyers to hand around or post on Notice Boards. This would be especially useful for the upcoming OpenCoffees as many of the companies who attend have no idea that there are related events in town.

Would anyone be up for drafting a nicely-presented list of the established events? Perhaps a simple alphabetic listing, 1 line summary, website, date? Inspiration for listings here at Sussex Digital.

If someone did a nice listing and it had your company logo on the bottom, it strikes me that it would be a fair exchange of your design-time for some helpful exposure, whilst helping the events community.

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12 July 2007 - 17:30OpenCoffee Sussex – first meeting

Today Jon (Inuda) and I ran our first OpenCoffee Sussex at the Sussex Innovation Centre.

The aim of our OpenCoffee is to get the start-ups in the Innovation Centre talking to people in Brighton and vice versa. Matt Weston runs the excellent Business Bricks (Upcoming listings) every Friday in town (at the RedRoaster or Mad Hatter) so we knew that the idea works – and our first event was a grand success and will be repeated next Thursday.

I remember 13 people – 5 were SInC companies, 5 were Brighton companies who knew little about SInC, 3 were academics from the University. Some of the companies:

along with Ribot, Jerome, Peter, Joh, Matt.

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12 July 2007 - 17:264th £5 App – Linc’s Button Box

Yesterday we held our 4th FivePoundApp meet and Linc Smith gave a great talk about his ‘response box’ developed inside ioLab.

Linc’s talk is a change from our regular software talks as the response box is a hardware system. Linc showed us how he designed and produced these boxes which improve upon the current state of the art. The boxes have a Mac-like feel to them and are rather nice to look at.

Linc says:

“He is happy to give advice on small-run electronics manufacturing or just low volume manufacturing in general. He is also open to collaborations with people who have an idea for a product (electronic or otherwise) but no experience in manufacturing.”

Jane has some great photos (including one of me that should never have seen the light of day) under the £5 App flickr tag.

I presented my thoughts on a skills-board that I think would benefit Brighton. – more on this in a future blog post. Next Danny and Ben presented their ideas for ArtMeddler where artists can show how they develop their work.

Madgex are recruiting (Sussex Digital jobs link anyone?). Jon (Inuda) and I presented our plan for OpenCoffee Sussex which was successfully held this morning at the Sussex Innovation Centre.

Write-up: Jane Dallaway.

Next event August 14th.

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6 July 2007 - 17:10Brighton Bloggers Collage

Jane‘s script-fu has put together a wonderful collage of all 279 bloggers who make up the Brighton Bloggers list.

See it here, I’m on the bottom row. 12 people have tagged their blogs so far…

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6 July 2007 - 15:444th £5 App Meeting – Tuesday 10th July

Our 4th meeting is almost here, Linc Smith will be talking about his Mac-inspired ‘button box’ – a custom-built box used for timing-experiments with medical folk (it looks like a Steve Jobsian arcade controller).

We will also have a selection of Pitch ideas:

  • A Facebook Food idea – Jon Markwell
  • Art-Hole – Shardcore will give an update
  • I have a reverse-jobs-board/skills-board that I’d like to see someone build
  • Danny’s SnipGet perhaps?
  • John‘s coding-day/hackathon?

and we’ll welcome anyone else who wants to make a 10 minute Pitch (or Plea as in my case!).

How: Mark yourself as Attending at Upcoming if you’d like beer (or UnAttend if you can’t make it please). We use the numbers to judge how much beer to buy and cake to bake.

Official site: See fivepoundapp.com for post-events links to write-ups and photos.

Related: Wednesday has Simon’s Geek Dinner and Thursday is the (fully-booked) Girl Geek Dinner.

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