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This is Ian Ozsvald's blog (@IanOzsvald), I'm an entrepreneurial geek, a Data Science/ML/NLP/AI consultant, founder of the Annotate.io social media mining API, author of O'Reilly's High Performance Python book, co-organiser of PyDataLondon, co-founder of the SocialTies App, author of the A.I.Cookbook, author of The Screencasting Handbook, a Pythonista, co-founder of ShowMeDo and FivePoundApps and also a Londoner. Here's a little more about me.

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30 July 2006 - 21:25A Portrait of Me!

Shardcore has painted little old me. I rather like it!

Ian's Portrait

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20 July 2006 - 16:33Cool new ShowMeDo – Make your own BushFinger art

BushFinger Image

My good friend and local artist Shardcore has made us a ShowMeDo on how to make your own BushFinger art-piece. His 10 minute video is superb and his site has all the necessary back-ground material (details here).

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