Archive of month: January 2014

PyData London conference keynotes and topics coming together

We’ve got our keynoters for PyData London (Feb Fri 21- Sun 23): Gael Varoquaux (INRIA) with “Building a Cutting-Edge Data Processing Environment on a Budget” Felix Fernandez (Deutsche Börse) with “Python in the Financial Industry: The Universal Tool for End-to-End Development” Gael is a core committer for scikit-learn and Felix is the Business CIO for […]

Installing the numpy module in PyPy

Working on the High Performance Python book (mailing list here for our occasional announces) I’ve reinstalled PyPy a couple of times, each time I forget how to install the numpy module. Note that PyPy’s numpy is different and much smaller than CPython’s numpy. It does however work for smaller problems if you just need some […]

PyData London (Feb 21-23 2014)

PyData is coming to London, this’ll be the first PyData in Europe. The conference will focus on Python for Data Analytics, quite like SciPy and EuroSciPy but with a bit more of a focus on business rather than science (but only a bit, I rather like the science). 170 videos from past conferences are available […]